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Maggie’s Success Story

Cheryl from Port McNeill BC, sent in this heartwarming video of her dog Maggie, who at over 15 years of age, was starting to slow down and lose control of her hind end.

After a month and a half on PURICA Pet Recovery Extra Strength you can see the incredible difference in Maggie, from her freedom to move and youthful personality shining through once again! – this video speaks for itself!

Bodhi’s Success Story

Several months ago, my then 2 year old border collie Bodhi fell very ill, lost 1/5 of his body weight and acted like he was a 100 year old man. I worked with my vet to have him on a few different medications and while he gained his weight back, was never quite himself with pain and a limp in all 4 of his legs but mostly the hind left leg. After numerous tests, the vet was unable to distinctively diagnose, though stated that Bodhi likely has an autoimmune condition.

He lost the weight in less than 2 weeks (Jan) and regained it back in about 2 months (Feb & March), but the limp and pain in his legs remained every day.

I was at a local bakery having a coffee with my old neighbour who told me that he was on ‘Recovery’ and suggested I put Bodhi on it.  It was timely that at that moment, two other old local men came up and mentioned that they all had success on it.

Turns out three of the three men standing before me were all on it and swore by it.

I wanted to let you know that I’ve had Bodhi on it for under one month now. Within 2 days, his limp was noticeably improved and by the 3rd day he was back in action with no noticeable limp. I went off island for an emergency dental and forgot to bring his Recovery and his limp came back. That was one day off of Recovery. Once we got home, I put him back on it and the limp is once again completely subsided.

I am overjoyed at the results I am seeing in my boy. I really thought I’d be euthanizing him (with a giant hole in my heart) and instead, he’s ripping around my farm today.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an amazing product.


With Love from Bodhi and Lara (Salt Spring Island)


Click here for more information on PURICA Pet Recovery

Bouncing back from surgery

I have been quite fortunate for most of my life to avoid surgery. There are only two exceptions: Emergency c-section at BC Women’s Hospital in Vancouver in November of 2016 and gum replacement surgery in September of 2019. In both cases, the outcomes were positive. And in both, I believe they were successful because of a combination of nutrition, natural supplementation and an active lifestyle.

The second of my two surgeries came less than a year ago. It involved the dreaded anticipation of gum surgery, which I was having performed on me for the first time. It was a bigger deal for me than most simply because I had so little experience with surgery. Outside of the c-section three years before, I have never had any other form of surgery. No broken bones. No cartilage or tendon damage. No removal of my appendix nor any issues with my tonsils.

Being in tune with my own healing process

In the days before the dental surgery, I was prepared for how uncomfortable it would be and told to expect to look like a chipmunk – with full-blown swelling — afterwards. Needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to it – I was stressed! The upside was that I was entirely focused on taking care of myself and in tune with my own healing process.

This time, I faithfully took PURICA Recovery 3.0 – the “next generation” of PURICA Recovery – in the days following my surgery and literally felt the results. Not only did it noticeably mitigate the pain, making the discomfort much less than I had anticipated, but it was also a much faster recovery than projected. On my next check-up, the dentist was impressed with my healing, claiming that it was much quicker than most.

In the holistic world of wellness, I resist pointing to any one single factor as THE reason for something. There’s no doubt that my overall nutrition was good and as an active living person, I was helped by going into the gum replacement surgery in decent shape and with a good hiking routine and gym regimen behind me.  Yet there is also no question in my mind that natural supplementation made such a huge difference for me.

Stress relief as the key to wellness

My RHN training, combined with my time at PURICA, has taught me that stress relief, healing damage and relieving inflammation are among the keys to health and wellness. All three are achieved by PURICA Recovery 3.0. It works on the strength of organic chaga and ashwagandha (Sensoril®) and the powerful antioxidant Curcumin 30% BDMC, which provides 30 times the 1% found in most regular Curcumin extracts.

I now know first-hand the benefits of targeting the stress response. PURICA Recovery 3.0 delivers more than just fast pain and inflammation relief, but actual healing. It works by combating inflammation and supporting joint health by reducing cortisol and c-reactive protein levels, both of which are typically triggered by stress. With Curcumin 30% BDMC as one of its signature ingredients, PURICA Recovery 3.0 has been shown to provide rapid relief from pain and inflammation.

It works in three principal ways, by providing stress relief (anti-stress), healing damage at the cellular level (anti-catabolic) and by delivering rapid relief of inflammation (anti-inflammatory). While regular curcumin only inhibits Nuclear Factor Kappa-B, PURICA Recovery 3.0 comprehensively combats inflammation from two target protein markers; MSK1 (mitogen-and stress-activated protein kinase 1) and KF-KB. PURICA Recovery 3.0 also helps control electrolyte balance, sleeplessness, irritability, and lack of concentration. It’s a simple but important reminder that sleep and rest support the body’s natural recovery and repair functions.

I’m of course only one of the many case studies and testimonials supporting the efficacy of PURICA Recovery 3.0 and how it brings together Curcumin 30% BDMC, the medicinal mushroom chaga, the ayurvedic herb ashwagandha, magnesium, vitamin C and some of the other ingredients found in the original PURICA Recovery Extra Strength. Yet the rapid recovery from my gum surgery in 2019 only underlines the importance of nutrition, exercise…and natural supplementation. Whether or not I have more surgeries in my future, I will remain committed to achieving that natural balance by giving myself every opportunity to mitigate the stress that is part of life.

Tawnya Ritco, R.H.N., is Director of Education for PURICA and promotes natural health education and finds inspiration in the connection between nutrition, lifestyle, and vitality.

Saathi’s Journey

Nepal to Canada

By Kate Watkin

October 2016, I was on a trip to Nepal with 7 other woman when we went to visit the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (the KAT Centre). When we opened the gate, dozens of dogs ran towards us, eager to receive some attention. There was one specific dog who was extremely ill looking, she was nearly completely hairless, and her skin was thick and extremely damaged. She also had bulled out legs from rickets. But something about the look she gave me, and the way she pawed at me to pet her instead of the other dogs really tugged on my heart strings. I asked the centre about her, and they said she had been there since she was just 4 weeks old and was only getting sicker, (she was then about 10 months old). They informed me that they would be putting her to sleep. My heart broke in two. There was no way I was going to let her be put to sleep. So, I organized to have her brought home to Canada. It took a long 5 months but finally on March 29th, 2017, Saathi (which translates to friend in Nepali) arrived safe and sound in Canada! Her journey was nothing short of long and stressful, she was still missing a ton of hair and was extremely lethargic. I immediately put her on a special diet, antibiotics and PURICA Pet Recovery and PURICA Immune Pet. My vet had informed me that due to her skin being so damaged, it was very likely that her hair would not grow back, but after just a month her skin started to smooth, and hair started growing in where we didn’t think possible. She has now been in Canada for two and a half years and is the happiest, most loving, playful dog, and she has the most BEAUTIFUL and soft coat of fur.

She makes sure to remind us daily of how thankful she is, by giving that loving look and pawing at anyone she wants a pat from.

16 year old cat helped by RECOVERY for pets

My 16 year old cat injured his leg in July of 2017. He had to have surgery and could only walk on three legs. After a couple of months he still could barely put any weight on his leg. He has always been a very active cat so this was very sad to see him unable to get around. I tried everything from Cold Laser to homeopathic remedies Etc. The Improvement was minimal! A friend mentioned some positive experiences with other animals by using Recovery for pets. So I bought it and gave him only a quarter teaspoon per day for the past six days. The results have been amazing! He is now walking on all four legs with absolutely no limping! This product is incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a pet that is experiencing any pain or inflammation from an injury, or just for general overall health. By the way my cat Skyler has been on Raw Food his whole life and has never been sick or to the Vet. The Vet did all the blood tests and bone scans and they said he has no arthritis and that his organs are that of a 6 year old cat. He is back outside running around and playing with his neighborhood friends.

Maggie R.

I am running again…

At the age of 40, I was involved in a very serious car accident which left me with some residual pain issues in my neck, back and hands.  I do not like to take prescription medication so over the years have tried heat, ice, acupuncture, traction therapy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, yoga, over the counter meds and alternative medicines.  I have had very limited success.  During my more debilitating flare ups I have resorted to narcotic medication and even medicinal marijuana.

About eight months ago, I tried yet another alternative product called Recovery Extra Strength by PURICA. It seemed to be working but after my second bottle ran out, I did not buy another one thinking that it was not the product making the difference but rather a new yoga program I was on and a new mattress pad I had purchased.  After a few weeks the pain started increasing again and I went out and bought more Recovery.  Within a week, my pain levels had significantly lessened and my mobility had increased.

I have not taken any prescription medication for months now.  I have not had a flare up since I have been on a regular regimen of the Recovery.  I have many pain free days.

I am running again, working out, biking, golfing and playing tennis.  I feel better at 57 years of age than I have in almost 20 years.  Thank you PURICA and Recovery for giving me back my life.


Cathy Tetreault
Chatham, Ontario

Powerful relief for hot flashes

At a fairly early age, I was in menopause. The hot flashes I was suffering were debilitating. There were so many in a 24 hour period that they were affecting, work, life and love. I couldn’t go out without carrying a towel to manage the sweats. Sleep was impossible.

I tried every documented natural remedy, as I did not want to go the DRUG route. ….Evening Primrose, Black Cohosh, Chinese Herbal concoctions, Acupuncture. At one point, so frustrated with life, I even tried a drug; an anti-depressant that my GP said helped with the hot flashes. Nothing worked! Continue reading

Knee surgery and arthritis

I am a very firm believer in RECOVERY® and have used it for about three years now, and told everyone who will listen – probably several hundred – on the merits for it with humans as well as horses and dogs.

About five months ago my cat had a live rabbit in its mouth running through the garden. I had been riding and had on my heavy boots, but took off at a fast run to save the rabbit! Running very fast behind my house I tripped on my boots, crashing onto the concrete path directly on my left knee. It hurt, but I rose, continuing to chase the cat and saved the rabbit which we took down to Critter Care in Campbell Valley Park, where it recovered from the shock!

Meantime my knee hurt, but I was too busy to do anything about it. I upped RECOVERY® for a few days, then just accepted the swollen knee as I had family coming from England and a lot to keep me occupied for weeks. Somehow I refused to accept anything was seriously wrong. Continue reading

Chronic pain and athletics

Just a note to let you know that I went on RECOVERY® in July, by the end of August I didn’t require any more anti-inflammatories and I have stopped taking pain pills altogether! I can now mountain bike for 15 to 20 km without any pain, whereas before I had trouble walking to the garage! Wonderful stuff!

Laurence Polley, Caledon, Ontario