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Arthritis – back, hands, wrists, ankles and knees

Medical Diagnosis confirmed by bone scan: Degenerative arthritis in the mid and lower dorsal spine, in the hands and wrists, knees and ankles.

I have taken RECOVERY® for nearly a year and have experienced no adverse effects. On the contrary, since taking RECOVERY® I am no longer aware of my arthritis – no pain, no stiffness – I feel sound in body again and feel freer mentally because I no longer worry about losing mobility as I age.

Oli Cosgrove, Ottawa, ON

Arthritis – pain

Dear PURICA Inc.:

I write this letter with deep appreciation for your product – RECOVERY®.

My sister introduced me to this godsend product in May 2003. I am so convinced of RECOVERY® that I would be interested in being a spokesperson.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 49 years old (and holding at least until December), who has had problems with my left shoulder and arm, lower back and hips. I also had muscle spasms from a hacking cough. I had an accident in 1983 where I was diagnosed with the beginning of osteo-arthritis or rheumatoid. I have had chiropractic, massage and acupuncture treatments in the past several months which have helped but did not address the pain I have had in my shoulder and arm or back and hips (at least very little).

The pain I was in was severe. I couldn’t sleep on my left side due to the pain. I wondered if I was going to have to live like this for the rest of my life, which I couldn’t imagine.

My sister had the same experience I had with her shoulder and arm. My energy level was very low and I became depressed.

I began taking RECOVERY® in late May. The relief I felt within a few days was unbelievable. The highest level I took was one teaspoon twice a day. Today I take ½ – ¾ of a teaspoon in the morning. If I feel I need a bit more I will take another ¼ teaspoon at next meal. For the most part I am pain free today.

I am more alert and aware of things and my depression has lifted. My energy level has increased ten-fold. My headspace is remarkably clear and precise. I don’t remember feeling this well in many years.

I have already passed this information to my GP, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist as well as friends and family members who now take RECOVERY®. I also volunteer at B.C.P.W.A. (B. C. Persons with Aids) and passed this information on to them. I have also given a jar to my former wife. She has some heart problem, depression and suffers from exhaustion and she will keep me posted once she starts. I even know of a dog that is taking the RECOVERY® veterinary formulation.

I am so convinced of RECOVERY®, I tell everyone I know or meet if I feel they could benefit.


Keith Lohmeyer, Vancouver, BC

Low back pain (degenerative disc)

I am 33 years old, and was diagnosed with a degenerative disc in my lower back (L5-S1) twelve months ago, after dealing with years of chronic back pain, and many days laid up in bed.

As you can imagine, this condition was drastically limiting my ability to windsurf, kiteboard, and mountain bike….three of my life long passions. Not only was I unable to continue with these sports at the level that I was used to, but there were many days where it was a challenge just to get out of bed. According to my back specialist, my only options were to just “deal” with the chronic and constant back pain or chose between disc replacement, or disc fusion procedures. Neither of which were desirable options for me. Continue reading

Acne rosacea

In 2000, while conducting my duties as a Correctional Officer, I became embroiled in a violent altercation with an inmate high on drugs. As a result, I received two bulging discs in the L4-L5 location of my spine, which resulted in a 10 month absence from work; 7 of those months were spent in rehabilitation. During this time the pain I experienced was excruciating, controlled only by highly potent and addictive prescribed narcotic medication from my doctor. During this period, I saw on the local news (CHEK 6) a story about RECOVERY® and decided to give it a try. Within the first week of using your product I was able to reduce the dosage of my medication as the deep rooted pain in the core of my spine and in both of my sciatic nerves became much less. Continue reading

Arthritis, ACL tear – pro athlete

I am a 35 year old sponsored Pro MTB rider and have been on my bicycle in a pro capacity for over 8 years. I have sustained a multitude of injuries over the years including a broken ankle, wrist, ribs, fingers and both arches in my feet, as well as having torn lower abs and groin muscles. Most debilitating has been a blown ACL in each knee and now recently a bucket handle tear in my meniscus in my left knee. Continue reading

Avoiding hip replacement

After the pinning of a fractured hip, fifteen months ago I was doing well until six months later when I ruptured a thigh muscle and tore a ligament using a rowing machine at the gym. Six months of severe pain and disability, on crutches and the quality of my life decreased. C.T. scan and M.R.I. finally provided the answer. Avascular necrosis and I was told the only solution was a hip replacement. That I could not accept. Continue reading

Avoiding shoulder replacement

Seeing the result happening with our horse and being a biochemist myself, therefore knowledgeable about your ingredients, I started to use the RECOVERY® for my own busted shoulder that had turned severely arthritic. After a couple of months, I was able to taper off my pain medication but have continued the RECOVERY®. It is now four months later and I have not had to take a single pain pill. Continue reading