Rookie mistakes – how to avoid making them

Adam O'Meara - PURICA Ambassador
Adam O’Meara
PURICA Ambassador

Adam O’Meara, a Victoria-based professional triathlete, is a member of our team of PURICA Ambassadors who are committed to providing you with healthy eating and training tips. Adam shares some valuable preparation tips based on his own personal experience.

I’ve completed over 15 Ironman triathlons, have been a student of endurance sport for half of my life and usually prepare well for my races.  But on May 2nd, I ate an entire humble pie and came out of my first race of the season with a sub-par and disappointing result.  Even as a veteran, in my preparation for this event, I made some classic rookie mistakes.

Here are those mistakes in point form, with a few details under each:

  • Improper preparation for the course
    • This course was very hilly
    • I neglected to ensure I actually performed bike workouts that mimicked the race course profile
  • Improper preparation for the climate
    • Lake San Antonio County, California is hot
    • I did little to no proper heat acclimation training (In the past I have competed in hot conditions successfully by being properly acclimated for heat and humidity)
  • Listening too much to other athletes advice
    • Before the event I chatted to some of my competitors, they gave me some advice based on their experience with this race
    • I allowed their advice to influence my race strategy
  • Becoming frustrated during the race
    • When I realized the bike course was going to put unfamiliar stresses on my body and my run would also suffer it affected me psychologically
    • This led to (again) deviating from my original race plan
    • Psychological well-being during a race is almost as important at physical preparation and my negative psychological state affected my physical performance

I like to share stories like this because I want to help others avoid one of the worst human feelings – disappointment.  It is now many days after this event and I am still quite frustrated with myself for neglecting to prepare myself adequately for this racecourse and conditions.

So, here are my suggestions for your next running race, triathlon or any physical exercise event:

  • Only choose events you know you can properly prepare for so you don’t set yourself up for failure;
  • Take the advice of others with a grain of salt;
  • Have a mantra or other sayings that you can begin saying in order to help you stay strong mentally.

Train smart, race well!


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One thought on “Rookie mistakes – how to avoid making them

  1. nathan says:

    Don’t worry dude, I ate a fat pile of you know what last year at that race, for many of the same reasons. Most people have at least once, it’s a brutal course. Now you know what you’re getting into, you’ll nail it next year!

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