Staying Fit While Travelling

Melissa Tucker - PURICA Ambassador
Melissa Tucker
PURICA Ambassador

Melissa Tucker, a training coach and one of Canada’s foremost global fitness competitors, is a member of our team of PURICA Ambassadors committed to providing you with healthy eating and training tips. Here are Melissa’s tips on how to keep fit even when you are travelling.

Jetting off somewhere? It’s never easy to keep the jet power in your workouts while you are on the road, but here’s how I’ve managed to do it over the years.

If you’re flight delayed, take a brisk walk around the airport. There will be plenty of time to sit once you board your airplane.

Once you get on the plane and it is safe to move around the flight, go to the back of the plane and stretch out for a few minutes. Don’t be shy! Touch your toes for thirty seconds and then get into a full squat for thirty seconds. Stand up and do some neck stretches. Rotate your neck forward and backward 10 times. Then bend your neck from side to side 10 times.

After that, raise your shoulders as high as you can and then let the drop 10 times. The stress from traveling is generally held in the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Taking a few minutes to stretch on the plane will have you more refreshed when you get to your destination.

Take another brisk walk around the airport before making your way to the baggage claim if you have checked luggage, you know you’ll have some time and it’s much more enjoyable than standing in anticipation for the baggage claim belt to shoot out your luggage.

If you only have a carry-on, be sure to get in a walk or cardio run in when you get settled. It doesn’t have to be a major workout…just enough to get the blood moving and to loosen up your body.

After a long trip, your muscles tend to be tighter than ever. You can ward off lower-back soreness with a forward fold: Bend at the hips and fall forward, hugging your knees and rocking side to side. Follow up with these two yoga moves:

Child’s Pose

This go-to rest pose opens hips and relieves low back tightness.

  1. Kneel on the floor with big toes touching and knees about hip-width apart. Sit on your heels.
  2. Lay your torso between the thighs and bring your forehead to the mat. Extend arms straight in front of you, palms on the floor. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Stay here for at least one minute.

Downward Facing Dog

Down-Dog stretches your spine, hamstrings, glutes, calves; strengthens deltoids, triceps making it a top-notch upper body-strengthener. And because your hips are higher than your heart, it increases circulation.

  1. Start on all fours with your feet and knees hip-width apart. Position hands about shoulder-width apart and spread your fingers wide.
  2. Pressing firmly through your hands, lift knees off the floor and straighten your legs. (If you have tight hamstrings, a gentle bend in the knees is fine).
  3. Walk your hands forward a few inches and walk your feet back a few inches to lengthen the pose. Squeeze thighs as you press them toward the back wall. Press your heels back and down toward the floor.
  4. Relax the head and neck and let your shoulder blades slide down your back toward your feet. Breathe deeply. Hold for at least one minute.


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