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…natural health food company to build on its commitment to the equine industry and horse sector with new association with Abbotsford, B.C.-based Field and renewed title sponsorship of Recovery EQ World Cup event

DUNCAN, B.C. (Friday, March 21st, 2014) – PURICA is proud to announce a new association with widely-respected Canadian horseman Jonathan Field of Abbotsford, B.C. as part of its continued commitment to the Canadian equine industry and horse sector.

The new partnership with Field is being announced at the same time PURICA is confirming its return to the World Cup equestrian circuit this summer as title sponsor of the $55,000 Recovery EQ World Cup Qualifier at the Thunderbird Show Park on June 1st, 2014.

“We’re pleased to be connected to Jonathan Field, to welcome him to the PURICA family and to build on our relationships in the equine industry and the horse sector,” said Trevor Watkin, Co-Founder of PURICA, a Canadian company based in Duncan, B.C. “We’re gratified about how well we’ve been received in the equine community and we look forward to playing a meaningful role in its growth and development for years to come.”

A long-time user of PURICA natural health products and supplements, Field is one of Canada’s most respected names in the horse industry. He teaches a globally-recognized program launched in 2006 and called “Inspired by Horses” and is a much sought after clinician around the world.

“I’m proud to announce my association with a highly-respected supplement company like PURICA,” said Field. “For years, prior to meeting the team at PURICA, I have personally used their Recovery EQ with my own horses. I have seen great results – especially in my 17-year-old horses Hal and Quincy. I look forward to working with PURICA to bring you some great things this year!”

Field also hosts the annual Jonathan Field & Friends International Horseman Education Conference and is involved in a number of highly-touted initiatives including horse camps and clinics in England, Ireland, Australia and other parts of the world.

“It is so important to me that my horses are happy and healthy,” said Field. “I have trusted PURICA’s Recovery EQ for many years to keep my horses moving freely.”

The new association with Field continues to elevate PURICA’s investment in the horse community. For the second straight year, PURICA Recovery EQ will be in the spotlight on the equestrian calendar as title sponsor of the $55,000 Recovery EQ World Cup Qualifier.

“We’re thrilled to return as title sponsor of the Recovery EQ World Cup Qualifier at the Thunderbird Show Park on June 1st, 2014,” said Rod Sidoroff, Vice-President of Business Operations for PURICA. “It’s a beautiful showcase for the sport of equestrian and a great opportunity for PURICA, our employees and valued clients to connect with leaders in the Canadian equine community.”

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4 thoughts on “Jonathan Field and PURICA Press Release

  1. Marlene Keating says:

    My friends horse was put down December 2014, he was 33 and had been on Recovery for a couple of years. I only saw him on occasion but had commented on how well he was moving. She contributed it to Recovery. When her horse fell on the ice last winter she decided to let him go to his final resting home. She had just opened a bottle of Recovery the month before and I asked if I want to try for my horse, he suffers from tying up episodes due to PSSM.
    I started him on it after I checked with my Vet, the local feed store I use, even the Kentucky Research Center to see if it would conflict with his current feed program. Everyone ensured me he would only benefit from it. And then I saw Jonathan Fields ad endorsing it. For some reason while I don’t know Jonathan Field’s personally he was person that told me it would be safe to use on my horse. While my horse is still on strict diet, exercise and grazing program he moves wonderfully and I contributed that to Recovery. Everything I have ever seen or heard about Jonathan he always put the horse first and for that reason I now use your product.

    • Purica says:

      Thank you for your comment, I never tire of hearing all the positive feedback on the Recovery EQ helping our lifelong friends. I still get shivers with the emails I receive from people like you. We wish you and your horse continued health and free flowing joints.

      All the best,

      Trevor Watkin

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