PURICA Launching New Formulations at CHFA East


…PURICA Curcumin Extra Strength 30% BDMC Anti-Inflammatory, PURICA IonicBone Vegan Bone-Building Formula and PURICA Zensations mushroom cacao drinks to be introduced in Toronto September 14th-16th, 2018

DUNCAN, B.C. (Friday, September 7th, 2018) – What happens when you combine the power of PURICA® medicinal mushrooms with the magical taste of cacao? The answer to that question – PURICA® Zensations™ – will be one of the highlights of the Canadian Health Food Association Conference and Trade Show (CHFA East), September 14th-16th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto.

PURICA® Zensations™ – making their debut as a mushroom cacao drink – are one of three major product releases that PURICA® has on tap for CHFA East, the country’s largest health food trade show. The new Zensations™ product line will be joined by the launch of PURICA® Curcumin Extra Strength 30% BDMC Anti-Inflammatory and PURICA® IonicBone™ Vegan Bone-Building Formula as the newest members of the PURICA® family of natural health food products and supplements.

“As always, our new formulations are a tribute to our customers and a reflection of what they’re looking for to make the most out of work, play and life in general,” said Jason Watkin, Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Formulator of PURICA®, which is preparing to celebrate its 20th Anniversary in the natural health sector in 2019. “We’ve always tried to be as responsive as possible to what people need to thrive and lead full, active lives, free from the pain caused by daily stressors, inflammation and other wear and tear.”

PURICA® Zensations™ is yet another exciting entry in the category of natural food and drinks. The line will launch with six different mushroom and cacao blends, all designed to bring a sense of fun and lightness to everyday life. The original six includes PURICA® Zensations™ Clear Mind Lion’s Mane Mushroom Cacao Drink, Chilled Vibe Red Reishi Cacao, Mindful Breath Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps Cacao, Vibrant Rising Chaga Cacao, Evening Calm Red Reishi and Ashwagandha Cacao and Universal Harmony Eight Mushrooms and Ashwagandha Cacao.

The PURICA® Zensations™ Universal Harmony, for example, brings together the power of eight micronized PURICA® medicinal mushrooms (agaricus, chaga, cordyceps, coriolus, lion’s mane, maitake, red reishi and shiitake) along with the ayurvedic herb ashwagandha — with the magic of cacao.

“We’re having fun with it – and we hope our customers do as well,” said Watkin. “We like to say our Zensations™ Universal Harmony blend is in the zone for inspired types, multi-tasking parents and artists/entertainers. With this blend, Zensational happenings include living life to the fullest, never shying away from a challenge and boundless creativity!”

Powered by 30% BDMC, PURICA® Curcumin Extra Strength quickly alleviates inflammation and relieves joint pain. It is designed to help everyone (from high performance athletes and weekend warriors to health-conscious adults and active seniors) find fast relief from inflammation and joint pain. With a potency of 30 times the regular curcumin extract, PURICA® Curcumin also enhances detoxification, promotes skin health, balances cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, helps prevent blood clots and boosts brain function.

Meanwhile, PURICA® IonicBone™ has been developed to help combat the daily wear and tear and other stressors that over time take their toll on the human body. Powered by K2Vital®, which regulates the usage of calcium, keeping it in the bones and not in the blood, PURICA® IonicBone™ features natural Calcified Atlantic Seaweed (CAS®) mineral complex. It has 32% more elemental calcium than other leading organic calcium sources and works on the strength of 28 bone-building elements.

PURICA® IonicBone™ helps foster: (i) the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth through the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus; (ii) optimal muscle function, immune function and normal electrolyte balance essential to good health; and (iii) normal regulation of cell division and specialization, energy metabolism, tissue formation and bone development. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, PURICA® IonicBone™ is intended to also reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.

For more information on these new PURICA® products, visit www.PURICA.com. email info@PURICA.com follow PURICA on Twitter at www.twitter.com/puricawellness and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/puricawellness.

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