2 thoughts on “Menopause Relief. It’s here.

  1. Ann Thain says:

    I am suffering from the dreaded menopause. My physician prescribed a drug that made me feel agitated, anxiety, and after four days I stopped medication.

    I am very interested in your products. Please notify me when this is available.

    Thanks, Ann

    • Purica says:

      Hi Ann, thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry to hear you have been suffering. We are pleased to let you know that Menopause Relief is available and now rebranded as PURICA Rebalance. You will be able to find this at most fine health food stores. Here is a link to find a store close to you.

      However, if you have any issue, let us know and we will be happy to direct you to a location close to you and answer any further questions you might have. We’ve been very gratified with the feedback we have received.

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