PURICA Vegan Glucosamine HCL (Labeled for Pets)

PURICA Glucosamine HCL

Labeled for Pets



  • Non-GMO corn source
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Ingredients & Dosage

Contains the following guaranteed pure ingredients /scoop
(10 grams/0.35 oz = 1 tablespoon):

Glucosamine hydrochloride (plant source)10,000 mg

Non-GMO corn source

Suggested use:

Introduce gradually over a two-week period to a concentrated dose of ½ scoop per 300 pounds body weight.Mix with feed.

After 30 – 60 days it may be possible to reduce intake to 1/4 scoop per 300 pounds body weight.

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use ifseal is broken. Free of all artificial ingredients, preservatives, additives and common allergens.Not for use with animals intended for slaughter.