How Recovery is different from other anti-inflammatories

Why does our label say, Whole Body Health & Pain Relief? Because PURICA Recovery behaves quite differently from standard formula anti-inflammatories. Think of it not only as effective pain relief, but also education for your body’s cells…

Over time, Recovery will teach the cells to respond better to the causes and processes of inflammation—an ability our cells lose as we age and/or inflammation is ongoing. This means that, should you have a condition that creates an inflammatory response, no matter how long this condition has existed, your cells can relearn how to protect themselves. This results in sustained pain relief, something that is lacking in standard formulations.

To illustrate this point, we’d like to take a page from Dr. Dolittle’s book and listen to the animals. Our Pet Recovery and Equine Recovery contain the same key ingredients as Recovery, including Nutricol. Both small animals and horses experience discomfort from a number of health conditions, and in some, the ongoing pain can be excruciating. While animals themselves cannot tell us how much better they feel, their owners can. A horse that is lame begins to canter again; an aging dog with hip problems begins to enjoy her walks, a cat whose leg operation is not healing as it should, loses his stiffness and becomes mobile once more.

With animals, there is no placebo effect, as the animal does not comprehend the concept of a medication. Thus, the healing response we witness is “pure” and demonstrates that Recovery is doing its job. Over the long term, humans, as well as animals, experience relief as the body begins to relearn the processes involved in quelling inflammation.

201 thoughts on “How Recovery is different from other anti-inflammatories

  1. Doris Rajan says:

    Hello – Can I give my old dog (14 years) Recovery SA for vestibular syndrome? She has had this before and it subsided but wondering if this would work for her now as I hear vestibular syndrome is related to inflammation? I purchased the powered at a Pet store in Toronto, Canada. Thank you!

    • Team PURICA says:

      Hello Doris, thank you for your question. Yes vestibular syndrome can be associated with inflammation, so the Pet Recovery or Pet Curcumin + should be beneficial as they are anti-inflammatories and are both very safe products. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. Kiefer H says:

    Is recovery whole body health and pain relief extra strength (humans) ok to give to my 60-70lbs dog? Or should i get the pet stuff, did not realize there was a diff.

    • Team PURICA says:

      Hello Kiefer, thank you for your question. Yes the human version is fine to give to your dog, we suggest starting low (about 1/4 tsp) and slowly working up to 3/4 tsp twice a day for a therapeutic dose.

    • Team PURICA says:

      Hi Frances, thank you for your question! It is not likely to make your heart race however if one starts at to high of a dose it could cause excess gas which we suggest starting at a low dose and moving up gradually. Thank you!

  3. W says:

    My senior horse with advanced osteoarthritis is on 1 previcox pill (nsaid) every other day. He is also prone to ulcers so we have him on sucralfate daily. Is it safe to give him this supplement with these medicines in his system?

    • Team PURICA says:

      Hello Stevie, thank you for your question. Yes it is safe, there are no known contraindications with Equine Recovery and any medications.

  4. Stephanie Leach says:

    Hi, my little 9 lb. dog is 13 yrs. old. She’s pretty active but starting to slow down. I have had her on Mercola Curcumin, Probiotic and Astaxanthin for years.. wondering if it’s ok to include the Recovery to see if it will help – not sure if she has joint pain.. she is well muscled and strong bones, we do parkour type activities to stay agile and strong.
    Want to ensure there are no interactions.

    • Katrina Wade says:

      My 1 1/2 year old pup had a leg injury in his left hind about 4 months ago. He had jumped up while playing frisbee with another dog and his owner, and landed on his leg wrong. I thought it was just a sprang and I thought it had healed about a week after, but once the cold weather began he started limping again. His right knee clicks when he bends it and he’s stiff in his right hip as well. Would this product help with healing these issues?

      • Team PURICA says:

        Hello Stephanie, thank you for your question, and sorry to hear about your Pup’s injury!
        PURICA Pet Recovery sounds like a great product for your dog. PURICA Pet Recovery improves healing by increasing circulation of nutrients to affected cells and extracellular structures, halting tissue damage and modulating inflammation. In other words, by reducing inflammation and allowing proper blood flow, Recovery helps to decrease healing time, while lubricating their joins.

    • Team PURICA says:

      Hello Stephanie, thank you for your question. Yes you can include Pet Recovery. There are no known contraindications with Recovery and any medications. She will only get 1/8th of a teaspoon twice a day. Start low at just a sprinkle as it’s loaded with antioxidants and can have a bit of a detoxing effect, and then work up to the full 1/8th twice a day (or 1/2 a chewable)

  5. Rebecca says:

    I am currently taking sulfasalazine for psoriatic arthritis and am expected to be on it for life according to the doctor- can I take Recovery with this medication? Would it benefit given the fact it’s also anti inflammatory? Does this product help with wrinkles, aging, collagen production etc?
    Thank you

    • Team PURICA says:

      Hello Rebecca, thank you for your questions. There are no known contraindications with Recovery and any medications. We believe Recovery would be a good addition. It is designed to help counter and alleviate many of the “symptoms of aging and decline”

  6. Jay says:

    My Recovery EQ extra strength has turned into a hard block and some of the powder has darkened. Can I fix this and are the active ingrediants still intact? thank you.

      • Team PURICA says:

        Thank you for your question! There are some slight differences in the formulations to better benefit a dog vs a human.
        However we use all top human grade ingredients in all of our products. Thank you

      • Ruby says:

        My border collie has recently started taking 4 tablets/ day of Recovery. Two days after starting he has been scratching all over his body and his fine undercoat hair has been falling out. Could there be something in your formulation that might cause an allergic reaction?

        • Team PURICA says:

          Hi Ruby! Thank you for your question. Pet Recovery can cause flushing of immune complexes out of tissues, which can cause some temporary inflammation from the immune system getting rid of it, so to speak. You can reduce the dose to 1 tablet and slowly increase to mitigate the flushing effect.

  7. Brenda says:

    Can my dog continue taking Recovery while on Metacam? We are awaiting test results to confirm if she has bone cancer, severe arthritis or a sciatic related injury.

    • Kelsey says:

      What did the results come back as? My dog is on metacam right now and i was looking into recovery before taking the test at he has a reacuring injury from a puppy did you try both at the same time? Id like to do both if its safe

      • Team PURICA says:

        Hello Brenda, Thank you for your question. I never heard back from the other customer. How ever it is safe to give Recovery and Metacam at the same time. I have a rescue dog who needed surgery and I gave her both Recovery and Metacam post surgery and she healed up super quickly, and did not appear to be in any pain. Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions –

  8. Catherine Bossert says:

    Hello! I suffered a severe crush injury on my right hand 16 weeks ago. My surgeon did a fantastic job of saving my fingers, but I am now going through the painful and very long process of rehabilitation to hopefully gain back a “functional” hand. On top of this, I am on hormone replacement therapy and take Duavive daily plus I don’t do well with caffeine. I read about Recovery-Extra Strength and wonder if this is something that could help me recover from my surgery.

    • Team PURICA says:

      Good day and thank you for your question. Yes I would definitely give Recovery a try. Recovery was actually developed for surgical and injury recovery and works very quickly in most cases. You may also want to add on the curcumin while you are still in the healing stages as it will help even more with inflammation and pain. Start a bit low on the Recovery to avoid excess gas however work up quickly if it does not have that effect on you. Please email for any other questions and I wish you the best in healing.

    • Team PURICA says:

      Thank you for your question. Ibuprofen seams to inhibit RECOVERY effects – it’s best if you can switch to asprin or robaxacet. As for dairy if you take RECOVERY 30 minutes before consumption, or 90minutes after

  9. Jodi says:

    Hi. I sent an email earlier this week in regards to my husbands seronegative rheumatoid arthritis and Trevor replied you have lots of good results. I forgot to mention that he has had a tentative diagnosis of Graves’ disease or at the very least hyperthyroidism. He took 5 capsules at lunch as prescribed on the bottle and had headaches and insomnia and restlessness. Do you have any success stories in arthritis from people with high thyroid that may be autoimmune if they start slow enough?

    • Team PURICA says:

      We have positive feedback with pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, not in particular high thyroid however we would suggest starting lower so his system has time to adjust. Start at 2 caps twice a day for 2-3 days then three twice a day for 2-3 days. Please keep us posted.

    • Team PURICA says:

      Thank you for your Question. While we have had almost 20 years of very good feedback from people using Recovery of their own choice for numerous different types connective tissue disorders, these conditions are outside the area of allowable claims for the NHPD and so we do not talk about this type of feedback in our marketing and educational materials.

  10. Roxanne Murray says:

    Hi, I have two questions I am hoping you can help me with.
    Can I take Recovery if I am allergic to NSAIDS (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)?
    I have been using Tylenol Arthritis for my back – can I still take it when I start the Recovery as I understand the recovery will not work immediately?

    Thank you

    • Kate Watkin says:

      Thank you for your question. Recovery is a safe functional food or Nutraceutical that has no relation to NSAIDS. Although very safe people can still in rare cases be sensitive to it. You can use in combination with medications. We do suggest starting low and gradually working the dose up to avoid the possibility of excess gas.

  11. Sandra says:

    My adult daughter has Lupus for 48 years with secondary ITP for the same period of time. She has been on low dose prednisone daily since diagnosed at age 8 yrs. When platlets crash to dangerously low levels she has to take very high doses of prednisone until the platlets raise a little higher. within weeks they are down again.Nothing seems to help the very low platlets. Rheumatologists suggest only “dangerous ” meds. Might Recovery have some effect , especially on raising platlets? as most of these conditions are inflammatory.She eats a “pure” diet.

    • Team PURICA says:

      Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we can not comment on certain conditions however I asked our formulator what he would do and here is his answer: If it were me I would take the equivalent of three teaspoons of recovery (work up to that dose over three weeks) and 6 caps complete 360 or powder version

    • Purica says:

      Thank you for your email. I wish I could say that we have had experience or even feedback with ACA but we have not. We would suggest taking the ingredient list to your Pharmacist or Naturopath to see if it may be a good fit with your friends condition.

  12. tanya says:

    the label says to contact a health care practitioner if you are iron deficient. is it safe to take if you are? I have, and always have had, low iron and take a supplement daily.

    • Purica says:

      Hello Tanya! Drinking excessive amounts of Green tea can cause iron deficiency. Health Canada provides label warnings and even though there is a low dose of Green Tea Extract in the Recovery we still must put this on the label.

    • Purica says:

      Thank you for your question. We do see many benefits with Recovery apart from the regular pain and inflammation that Recovery is so well known for however we have not had feedback in regards to Parathesia.

  13. bree says:

    I work out and watch my diet, but have genetically high cholesterol numbers and have been prescribed low dose Lipitor (10mg) I also have Osteoarthritis and would like to start taking recovery for the pain in my back and hips. Is it okay to take Recovery with Lipitor? How much Recovery should I start with? I know nothing will fix the damage already done but, could Recovery help minimize any further damage from the arthritis in my spine and hips? Should I be taking Glucosamine and Magnesium in conjunction with the Recovery? Sorry for all the questions but there are many different opinions out there. Your product comes highly recommended by my chiropractor.

    • Purica says:

      Thank you for your question. There are no known contraindications with Recovery and medications however we do suggest starting low and gradually working the dose up to avoid gas and loose stool. Recovery has been our number 1 product for 18 years now and continues to help people for various reasons. Unfortunately due to health Canada regulations we can only suggest that Recovery helps with pain and inflammation associated with Arthritis. I would also add our Magnesium Glycine to your diet, it is a powder form effervescent that you add to water and is delicious, great for muscles. -Questions are always more than welcome!

    • Purica says:

      Hello Kathleen, There is no known contraindication with using Recovery and cysts or fatty liver however we always suggest speaking with your doctor before incorporating a new supplement regime

    • Purica says:

      Hello, Thank you for your question! There are no known contradictions with Recovery and any medications, we recommend to start low and slowly increase over a 1-2 week period of time to avoid any gas or loose stool. If you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to call us at 877-746-9397

  14. vicki says:

    my hubby just had shoulder surgery & is on tramadol/acet post surgery… he would like to start using recovery now… is there a given amount of time he should wait to start?
    thanks much

    • Purica says:

      Hello Vicky! There is no known contradictions with Recovery and any other medications, I would suggest to start low now and slowly increase to the full therapeutic dose (1 tsp 2x a day) over a 1-2 week period of time.

  15. Charlene says:

    I have recently diagnosed osteoarthritis. Have been taking Lorna Vanderhaeghes’ Active Collagen.
    I have started taking Recovery Extra strength.
    Does the Recovery do the same job as the extra collagen – therefore should the extra
    collagen be eliminated or would the 2 products work better together.

    • Purica says:

      Good day, thank you for your email. There would be no contraindication taking the two products together. Recovery works well to help reduce inflammation and increase proper circulation and the production of synovial fluid to grease those joints up. Recovery also helps to hydrate and strengthen the connective tissue. I hope I have been helpful.

  16. Debbie says:

    I have had a partial knee replacement and now I am having the same pain and problems with my other knee so will be looking at another knee replacement. Also have osteoarthritis in my hands. A friend has recommended Recovery for my pain. Will it help and how much should I take. Also will it help with muscle cramps in my legs?

    Thank you

    • Purica says:

      Thank you for your question. Recovery is a very successful product for relieving pain by increasing circulation and increasing the production of synovial fluid to grease those joints. I think you will be very happy with the results but start a bit slow and work up to avoid the possibility of a bit of excess gas and loose stool. I would also really suggest our Magnesium Effervescent for muscle cramping, it works very quick to relax the muscles.

  17. Anne McMillan says:

    I just saw your commercial and decided to investigate and purchase-I have osteoarthritis in my back (5 years or so)-I currently use the following-turmeric, glucosamine-chondroitin-msm, calcium-magnesium-vita d, B12, multi-vitamin and omega 3-6-9—are they any reasons not to add Recovery to this list or should I only take the Recovery. I am currently 56 years old and would really love some relief and on-going benefits.


    • Purica says:

      Hello Anne, Thank you for your question, there are a couple things you could eliminate and add Recovery Extra Strength, such as the glucosamine-MSM combination but I personally would still take the other supplements you are taking.

  18. Megan says:

    I’m sure it’s in here but I couldn’t find it…
    I was wondering if the human version of recovery would be safe for my puppy to take in a small dose.
    He hurt his leg recently and we have the human version, and thought it would be worth to give it a try for him.
    Thank you so much

    • Purica says:

      Thank you for your question. Generally we suggest using the SA version for your dog but you can use the human version in a small dose, we suggest 1/4 tsp per 20 lbs or 1/8 th of a teaspoon per 10 lbs body weight. You might want to start even lower as the MSM in Recovery can cause a bit of excess gas in a small percentage of animals and humans if they are not used to it.

    • Purica says:

      Thank you for your question. There are no known contraindications with medications and many have reported benefit while also taking prednisone.

  19. JK Zan says:

    I have a diagnosis of L4L4 spondylolistesis.
    I am 66 and blessed with good health and a strong body. I eat nutritiously and have never taken any supplements. Recovery was recommended by a friend. I have been practicing yoga for over 25
    Years and now focusing on the core to help with the leg discomfort. My friend respects Recovery and so I have ordered some. I will send feedback in several months. Gracias J K Zan

  20. Jean says:

    I have a fractured vertebrae and arthritis in my hip I have had steroid injections but still lots of pain Would recovery

    help me I am 86 hope you can help.


    • Purica says:

      Hello, Recovery does help with pain and inflammation associated with Arthritis. In the vast majority of cases Recovery will help with lubricating the joints and pain associated. Best of luck!

  21. Natalie says:

    Could a human take the pet version and vice versa? Is it ok to take with other anti inflammatory/steroid products prescribed to your pet?

    • Purica says:

      Hello Natalie,
      The human product is licenced through Health Canada for human consumption, and the SA product is licensed for small animals.
      There are no known contradictions with medications and these products – how ever we do suggest starting low and working your
      way up to avoid any gas and loose stool.
      Thank you for your questions,

  22. Renée says:

    I have 95 years and a nerve stuck in the lower back for 2 years. Can I take 4 teaspoons a day to relieve the severe pain. I do not take any medication. Merci
    Mrs. Renée Boujard Quebec

    • Purica says:

      Thank you for your question. The maximum dose we would recommend would be 3 teaspoons spread throughout the day. Recovery will work on decreasing inflammation which should indirectly decrease nerve pain. We wish you well.

  23. Lindsay says:

    I was wondering if the recovery capsules would help my IBS. I have decided to start taking it because of low back pain and don’t wanna be on pain meds anymore, but am also curious if it would help IBS.
    Thank You

  24. Al says:

    I have been suffering with back pain for many years. They say degenerative disk? About twenty years ago, doctors told me to change my profession (log truck driver) and do something easier on my back. I still go through extreme bouts of pain two or three times a year. I am going to try Recovery, powdered form, hope it works.

    • Purica says:

      Thank you for your commwnt.

      Recovery generally works very quickly in most. Recovery works well to help relieve inflammation and pain in people suffering from Arthritis. Do start a bit low and gradually work the dose up to avoid the possibility of gas and or loose stool from the MSM. Please also feel free to email any questions you may have to

      All the best,

      The PURICA team.

    • Purica says:

      Recovery for humans and Recovery SA are similar, however contain some different ingredients as well as different levels of ingredients. For more information you can call our office toll free at 1 877 746 9397.

  25. Frazer says:

    Will recovery help with Crohn’s disease and inflammation in the colon?

    Does recovery have any know interactions with TNF blocking therapy such as Remicade?

    • Purica says:

      Thanks for your question. We appreciate the opportunity to provide more information on a flagship product such as Recovery and do our part to ensure that it is right for you and working. As per the baseline information on our website at, Recovery works to naturally reduce inflammation throughout the body and to inhibit the inflammatory process. Digestive inflammation is something that Recovery has proven to help reduce and control. It works at the cellular level and supports tissue health throughout the body (including the intestines). As we say, it is designed for “Whole Body Health & Pain Relief”. We would suggest you start slow and increase the dosage in small increments as your body adjusts. An entirely natural supplement, Recovery does NOT have any known interactions with Remicade in particular or most medicines in general. However, as with any specific health concern, we do recommend that you always check with your chosen health care practitioner (i.e. GP or Naturopath).

    • Purica says:

      As your body removes toxins, you can experience an increase of symptoms. This is short lived and improvement is just around the corner. You can also decrease your dose slightly and slowly increase to allow your body to adjust. Drinking plenty of water is also helpful.

    • Purica says:

      We have received positive feedback from customers with Lupus who take Recovery. As for dosing we suggest for the first week to gradually work your way up to maintenance dose of 3 capsules twice daily (with food initially is recommended, until your body adjusts). After a week you can switch over to the Therapeutic dosing of 5 capsules two times per day for 4-6 weeks. Some continue on the therapeutic dosing, or drop down to maintenance dose and continue. Some find adding immune 7 (or Vitality) along with Recovery beneficial in providing additional immune support. We always recommend checking with your health care practitioner. Feel free to reach out with any further questions.

  26. Sue Lam says:

    Hi there,
    1. I would like to get the maximum benefit from taking Recovery. Could you tell me the optimal time gap between taking Recovery and having dairy product?

    2. On some websites, it has been stated that there is no clinical trial data form Recovery. Could you confirm that?

    Thank you for your time,

    • Purica says:

      Hello Sue,

      Thanks for your comment.

      If you are taking the powder, just twenty minutes or so is enough time to wait prior to taking dairy. It is best to avoid dairy within one hour before taking Recovery as dairy sits in the stomach for prolonged periods of time in certain individuals.

      Yes, we rely on the trial data from individual ingredients in Recovery. In 2003, a two year cross over trial was completed in horses by Horse Journal in Connecticut, comparing what vets considered as the top 17 products in the world for lameness issues. Recovery was named best performer overall by the vets running the trials, even when compared to horses that had received joint lubricant injections.

  27. Stacey says:

    My daughter has been diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity. Can Recovery help to heal this and prevent it from getting worse? Thx.

    • Purica says:

      Hello Stacey,

      Recovery is designed to improve and maintain the healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal system. People using Recovery on an ongoing basis have reported positive benefits in regards to relief of digestive inflammation and related conditions.

  28. Kat says:

    Would Recovery help my cat, he has Feline Diabetic Neuropathy severely affecting his back legs up to his ribs and spine. Symptoms are lameness, muscle wasting, cell damage, and weakness.
    Would this help my cat repair some of the damaged muscles and cells in his hind legs so he can move around a bit better? Is it safe to give while taking incline shots? Thanks! Kat

    • Purica says:

      Hello Kat,

      Yes, we have had positive feedback from people using or administering Recovery to people and animals with neuropathy. It is safe to integrate with drugs and other therapies. We would love to hear back with the results.

    • Purica says:

      Hello Bonnie,

      Interestingly enough, we do have positive feedback with using RECOVERY EXTRA for CRPS. It can be integrated with drugs.

  29. Melissa says:

    I have Calcification Tendinitis in both of my shoulders how much ex strength recovery should I take. I have been on recovery for just under a month. I started with a teaspoon full once a day but now I’m up to one tablespoon. Have not noticed any difference in my shoulders yet but I am sleeping better.

    • Purica says:

      Hello Melissa,

      The one tablespoon dose is now a good therapeutic dose to continue. For best results, it is typical that the dosage is split up, taking it with sufficient liquid fifteen or more minutes before breakfast and lunch and at least an hour away from any dairy products, and taken for about 6 – 8 weeks at the therapeutic level. Shoulders are tricky, as I am sure you are aware, because we tend to roll on them at night, or stretch and rip them. If you do not already have one, a shoulder brace available at pharmacies, is highly recommended for nighttime to stabilize the joint.

    • Purica says:

      Hello Janine,

      What seems to happen is that when people are using ibuprofen/Advil on a continual basis, the activity of Recovery is somehow blocked. It does not seem to matter when you take the ibuprofen. If you switch to another NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) like aspirin or naproxen/Robaxacet, etc., these do not appear to block Recovery.

  30. Lynn says:

    I have taken recovery for arthritis in my hands. I stopped taking a couple of years ago but now I have arthritis back with a vengeance Just started back with recovery but I have yogart everyday and milk in my tea. Should I take recovery. 1 hour beforeI have dailry and or. 2 hours after the dairy products?

    • Purica says:

      Hello Lynn,

      Yes, half hour before or two hours after is fine. Powder form is most powerful, if you wish to get stronger results more quickly.

    • Sarah says:

      I have been taking PURICA Recovery for over a year, along with following an AIP paleo diet, I have RRMS and I am virtually symptom free now. I do believe following the diet plays a huge role, but I noticed a significant difference in pain and weakness within a week of taking recovery, my energy level also increased big time! Love this product 🙂

    • Purica says:

      Hello Sheryl,

      Current regulations do not permit us to provide much in the way of a response. We can say that Recovery has been used successfully at therapeutic ranges, by people who have been diagnosed with MS. Additionally, Recovery has been integrated with drugs and on its own when people did not tolerate the standard drug therapies.

      We always recommend providing your doctor with the monograph presented here

  31. ward says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with bursitis & tendonitis in my left shoulder. the pain has been unbarable at times. My doctor talked me into a cortisone shot….BAD MISTAKE…….My shoulder is weaker than ever before….i recently jarred it and now the pain is 10 times worse than it has ever been……seen a specialist…he said physio…….the pain is so intense i can hardly get through the warm up exercises. would recovery possibly help with my situation….I do not want to become dependant on pain killers for the rest of my life……. I’m very desperate in trying to get the pain to a managable level….Looking forward to your response.

    • Purica says:

      Hello Ward,

      Over the years, Recovery has been used successfully by many people suffering from a variety of shoulder issues. Coupled with some type of physical therapy, and refraining from overworking and overextending the shoulder, Recovery can make quite a difference. Using a sling or some type of immobilization apparatus, especially while sleeping, is invaluable for shoulder issues.

  32. Olly says:

    Hi, two years ago I slipped and fell fractured my back. I have been suffering from back pain, muscle and joints pain since. Another question: Is it safe to take Recovery and chimo medications (cancer in the bones) at the same time? I thank you and looking forward to your reply.

  33. Alicia says:

    Regarding your comment to someone else’s question, where you said…
    “Our material is vegan and the glucosamine is from corn, but there are not even any traces of corn remaining in the finished product except the glucosamine”.

    Would this be safe for someone with a corn allergy?
    Not a severe allergy.

    • Purica says:

      Hello Alicia,

      Yes, this product is safe for people with corn allergies and has been used successfully for many years by people who typically react to corn antigens.

  34. Darlene says:

    I have been taking Recovery for some time and it really helps my back pain. However, I just noticed a warning on the side of the bottle for people with high blood-pressure, high cholesterol, liver disorder, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. I was under the impression that Recovery doesn’t have any side effects. If that’s true then why is there a warning label on the bottle. Thanks!

    • Purica says:

      Hello Darlene,

      As you can imagine, since the enactment of the label indications set forth by the NHPD we get these questions often. Firstly, we are quite confident that the warnings on this product are unwarranted, because it has been used for almost twenty years in people and animals without getting reports of these side effects, actually quite the opposite.

      The reason these risk statements are included is because the NHPD looks at each ingredient, compiles any potential data that has ever come up that may implicate an ingredient with a negative side effect. For instance, if green tea was in a weight loss product with stimulants such as ephedra and synephrine, and that caused a side-effect, then all the ingredients in the formula are marked as potentially causing that effect, which is obviously improbable. Now, companies must list all the side effects, even if there is inconclusive data to support a negative effect.

      In addition, the NHPD seems to be taking a stance that new and innovative combination products are guilty until proven innocent. For instance, our menopause relief product must carry a long list of warnings, even though each ingredient contained in the product has NPN numbers and individually they carry virtually NO warning statements – in other words, when creating new and innovative formulas, we will be treated more like a drug than a natural product – guilty until proven innocent. This can surely be frustrating, but we feel confident that the regulatory scenario will ease up over time.

      The NHPD (Natural Health Product Directorate, aka Natural Medicine Regulatory Body) is subordinate to the TPD (Therapeutic Product Directorate, aka Pharmaceutical Drug Regulating Body).

      Hope this helps 🙂

  35. Fran Forrest says:


    I have ulceritive colitis and a stomach ulcer. Will Recovery help with this or would another of your products be a better fit?

    • Purica says:

      Hello Fran,

      Recovery has shown very positive benefits with these conditions, as reported by the general public. Lion’s mane mushroom is another of our products that helps with digestive issues.

    • Purica says:

      Hello Krysten,
      Over the last fifteen years many people, including individuals within our own company, have safely taken Recovery throughout pregnancies and while nursing.
      Due to current regulations, newer combination formulas are not to be promoted for use during pregnancy and nursing until many years of safety have been established.

    • Purica says:

      Hello Paulette,

      Yes, indeed…Recovery has been used by many as a long-term daily supplement (as long as fifteen years) for both preventative and therapeutic reasons.

  36. Iris says:

    I have been taking recovery for approx 10 years and it has really helped with my arthritis. I was however told by my naturopathic doctor yrs ago to take it 2 hrs after food or 1 hr before. I have used this practise all this time.
    I notice that it does not state away from food, except dairy. Has this changed over the years?
    I don’t even remember the dairy part.
    Is it any more effective away from foods?

    • Purica says:

      Hello Iris,

      Your Naturopath is indeed correct that it seems to be best absorbed by most when taken some time before food, as best you can. Some people get the same results even with food. Dairy does in fact seem to bind up the nutricol and prevent absorption, even yogurt, so it is best to take it apart from dairy especially. One other substance that appears to inhibit Recovery from working is Advil/ibuprofen.

  37. Debbie says:

    How does Recovery differ from Serrapeptase in terms of results for inflammation and chronic joint and ligament pain?

    • Purica says:

      Hello Debbie,

      Serrapeptase acts like the pineapple enzyme bromelain to halt inflammation, whereas Recovery is designed to halt the damage and instability of cells that lead to inflammation, spasm and pain, while at the same time addressing inflammation, spasm, pain, lack of flexibility and healing directly.

    • Purica says:

      Hello Karen,

      Thanks for this question. There are no known long term adverse effects of Recovery. Our own family members have been using it for almost 20 years.

  38. Cindy says:

    I was advised by my sister to try the Recovery for my frozen shoulder; would this also help my legs as the muscles on the back of thighs and calves get very stiff/tight

    • Purica says:

      Hello Cindy,

      Recovery is designed to address damage, inflammation, spasm, loss of flexibility, pain and healing. With consistent use, people (and animals) that use Recovery tend to have a much greater range of flexibility.

  39. Iris ng says:

    Hi I love this product. It has helped me with my arthritis so far. However, it says to store in cool dry place. Can I maybe put it in the fridge? And I started on a very low dose. One capsule every 12 hours since I started week ago. Is that too little?

    Thanks !

    Iris ng

    • Purica says:

      We recommend that Recovery is stored in cupboard, out of direct sunlight. With our glass jars and metal lids that is generally all you will need to do to ensure the product stays at its optimal condition.
      In regards to dosage we like to refer to the adage that the “proof is in the pudding”. If one capsule every 12 hours is working well you may not need to increase. In general individuals will take 5 capsules per day as a regular dose and some take a therapeutic dose of up to ten capsules per day.

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    • Donna says:

      Can I give the Recovery EQ Extra Strength that I give my horse to my dog? (obviously in a much smaller quantity)? And if so how much?

        • Brenda Pshebnisky says:

          Can the EQ Extra Strength also be used for humans using the same dosage instructions (1/4 – 1/2 tsp per 20lbs)? I have an 8lb lame chihuahua and a 65 lame father in law that need help with arthritis, and I’d read in an article that the EQ formulation can be taken by humans and dogs as well?
          Thank you!

          • Megan says:

            Hello, although we only use nutraceutical grade ingredients in all of our products, because it is labeled for animals we can’t say it’s okay for human consumption. If you have any more questions please call us at 877-746-9397

    • Sarah says:

      How does one us the powder for humans? Im looking at trying this with my mother who is end stage COPD, bad arthritis and psoriasis. Thank you

      • Purica says:

        When taking the powder we suggest starting gradually 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon 2X daily, working your way up to 1 teaspoon 2x times daily (with either water or diluted juice). This is the maintenance dose. If she is experiencing pain and inflammation, she can increase to a therapeutic dosing of 1 1/2 teaspoons 2x a day. To maximize absorption it is best to avoid taking it with dairy.

    • Judy says:

      I need advice on Discovery for osteoporosis. What is the beginning dosage and is it a successful alternative to prescription drugs? I didn’t see vitamin K1 in the ingredients, Isn’t that necessary for calcium absorption?

      • Purica says:

        Hello Judy,

        The mechanism of Recovery is not related to calcium absorption, rather it is related to healthy collagen formation in the bone.

  41. Julie says:

    I am allergic to both fish and seafood and would like to know where to look for the source of your ingredients, particularly the glucosamine. Thank you.

    • Purica says:

      Our material is vegan and the glucosamine is from corn, but there are not even any traces of corn remaining in the finished product except the glucosamine.

    • Purica says:

      Recovery is gluten free and before it was launched into the stores and clinics, it was used just as much for gastrointestinal inflammation and damage, as it was for musculoskeletal issues.

  42. Monica says:

    Does Recovery cause kidney issues like other anti inflammatory pills. I tried alleve but found after 5 days my kidneys were very sore. I had kidney disease when I was young.

    • Purica says:

      Thank you for commenting. Recovery does not negatively impact the kidneys and in Vancouver Washington was used by burn patients undergoing dialysis, under the recommendation of the physicians.

  43. cindy says:

    I love recovery, a few years ago I ruptured my knee and within weeks the pain and inflammation started to abate. Now though with major arthritis everywhere I decided to go back on the capsules 10 per day as instructed. I didn’t feel well, but recovery may not have been the culprit. Wondering if for me at least taking 10 per day initially is the wrong way to go. Could I start at five per day and work the dosage up? Would this help or hinder the process?
    AND one more quick question. Can I use recovery for humans (because I have several bottles) on my cat who is due for surgery soon. Could I open the capsule and depending upon the cat’s weight distribute the amount on her food?
    Many Thanks!

    • Purica says:

      Thank you for giving us the opportunity to answer your questions. Recovery has been known to initiate detox reactions when the initial dose is beyond approximately five caps per day, or at ½ teaspoon with the powder formula. This is good, but it can be minimized so that you do not feel it, if you begin at a lower dose and work your way up to a therapeutic dose that suits your needs.

      The Recovery for humans is safe to take for animals and we know that people do this often. Having stated this, we recommend the SA formulation for small animals.

      We hope this has been helpful.

  44. april madill says:

    I was wondering if recovery could perhaps cause insomnia , I take half a tsp daily of the powder but since taking it I am having sleepless nights , I take thyroid meds and other vitamins but wondering if maybe half is to strong?

    • Purica says:

      When taken by some individuals, Recovery taken later in the day can keep them awake due to overall increases in energy. We recommend splitting the dose up before breakfast and before lunch.

  45. Wendy says:

    I was told to start the dose of Recovery for my arthritis in my neck (C7) very high and then gradually later on to lower the dosage. However I bought the extra strength bottle but it says 10 pills per day and does not mention changing that dosage. Can you recommend a dosage for my situation that would be optimal? I know it says not to take the pills at bedtime and not with dairy. Thank you.

    • Purica says:

      With capsules you can increase the dose more rapidly up to 15 capsules per day if necessary for the first few months, then you could slowly decrease to a personalized maintenance dose or maintain a higher level if you so desire.

  46. Brenda says:

    I have arthritis in my neck C5-6 causing lots of pain and restricted neck u think this will work for this problem?

    • Purica says:

      Perhaps combine the Recovery with a form of therapy to achieve more dramatic effects from each.
      – Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, or another form of energetic physical therapy of your choice
      – Follow up with Recovery use and a light flexibility and strength exercise for your neck, as per your health care provider’s recommendation – Qi Gong, Tai Chi and relaxed forms of certain Yoga can be very beneficial to help alleviate the issue in the long term.

  47. Allana Pryhitka says:

    I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis for 2 years in both feet/legs. Have you had any feedback from people suffering these lower leg problems?

    • Purica says:

      The typical feedback is that RECOVERY seems to help to lower blood pressure, especially when integrated with positive lifestyle adjustments. Initially, if the dose is too high for the particular person, the resultant clearing of immune complexes, stored in the body, into the bloodstream, may hypothetically lead to temporary mild blood pressure increases, that would subside as soon as the complexes are removed (a positive effect overall), or when the dose is lowered and then gradually increased as per the label recommendations.

        • Purica says:

          Hello Angela,
          Yes there is no correlation between Recovery and Aspirin. It would be very unusual for someone to be allergic to Recovery however we do suggest you start low and gradually work the dose up to avoid excess gas by starting to quickly.

          • Tony says:

            I have used quite a bit of this for my performance horses. Just bought some and decided to use the horse formulation for myself. I will weigh out 300 grams( 5 capsules) and use it. I have had many injuries- serious ones and stay active with opiates but still hurt and this pain impacts my sleep. I will chime in again in three weeks.Any suggestions in the meantime?

          • Team PURICA says:

            Thank you so much for your message. We can’t suggest that you take a product labelled for horses due to health Canada Regulations. Please feel free to call in Toll Free: 1-877-746-9397 for suggestions.

  48. Charlotta says:

    Could Recovery help heal an enflamed esophagus? Is so, are there dietary choices that would help or hinder the healing process while taking Recovery?

    • Purica says:

      We believe that any type of inflammation can be helped by using Recovery. Lessening the intake of foods containing animal fats, hydrogenated oils and refined sugars would be helpful.

    • Salim says:

      My friend Recommendation for me to take Recovery for my health…. ..before i buy i had a question
      i have a kidney problem (Diabetic)….would this Recovery help me
      Will wait for your respond…Thank you kindly…Salim

      • Jason says:

        We do not have feedback in regards to whether Recovery is helpful for kidney dysfunction; however, we do have a lot of positive feedback in regards to aiding in blood sugar control and helping to restore function where high blood sugar has caused damage, induced by glycation.

    • Purica says:

      Yes, Recovery is safe. Over fifteen years on the market has produced some great anecdotal feedback in relation to blood sugar management.

  49. Alecie says:

    I am prone to developing kidney stones. Is this product safe for people that get kidney stones?
    I also have GERD. Any contraindications for people with reflux?

    • Purica says:

      Over the years, Recovery has been utilized successfully for many chronic pain conditions, for both people and animals. Chaga, perhaps due to its extraordinarily high antioxidant level, may also prove helpful for many chronic pain conditions and to improve healing.

      • Purica says:

        Over the years, we have had many positive reports from people taking Recovery for sciatica and related hip or back pain.

        • Diana Simpson says:

          I have siatica and just bought a bottle of recovery and I am sort of nervous in taking this but I have severe pain and have gone to an acupuncture specialist and costing me money and still have to go back. If you think that this will help me , how much do you think I should start out with??? I am 69 years old now and I take a medication called Lipitor for colestral .. Please advise, thank you

          • Purica says:

            Thank you for contacting us for clarification on these matters. There is no known drug contraindications with Recovery so it will be very safe for you to take. We appreciate your concern in getting products that are effective. We do know that Recovery is excellent in both assisting with inflammation and muscle spasm as it helps heal affected areas. Here is a link to the results realized by someone else coping with a similar issue as your own

      • Purica says:

        Hello there, Recovery® is safe to take with the medications you have been prescribed. There are no contraindications, as Recovery® is a whole food natural product. Due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-catabolic action, combining Recovery® with drugs can lead to reduced drug toxicity.

    • Purica says:

      Recovery is designed to be safe to take with medications, including heart medications. When currently taking medications, it is best to integrate any new product gradually over the first month, to allow your body to become accustomed to its effects.

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