Knee surgery and arthritis

I am a very firm believer in RECOVERY® and have used it for about three years now, and told everyone who will listen – probably several hundred – on the merits for it with humans as well as horses and dogs.

About five months ago my cat had a live rabbit in its mouth running through the garden. I had been riding and had on my heavy boots, but took off at a fast run to save the rabbit! Running very fast behind my house I tripped on my boots, crashing onto the concrete path directly on my left knee. It hurt, but I rose, continuing to chase the cat and saved the rabbit which we took down to Critter Care in Campbell Valley Park, where it recovered from the shock!

Meantime my knee hurt, but I was too busy to do anything about it. I upped RECOVERY® for a few days, then just accepted the swollen knee as I had family coming from England and a lot to keep me occupied for weeks. Somehow I refused to accept anything was seriously wrong.

Six weeks ago I felt awful, appeared feverish and the knee was painful. I made my way to Langley Memorial Hospital and waited five hours in Emergency before it was my turn to be seen. Then Doctor Wong eventually saw me, took my temperature and drew a syringe-full of liquid from my knee, which was sent up immediately to the laboratory. I was given an antibiotic I. V. and told to return before 9:00 a.m. the following day for another one.

So fifteen hours later I returned, to be told immediately to undress, get on the gurney, Dr. Rickards, Chief Orthopedic bone surgeon was waiting for me! Well after 4 hours surgery I awoke in a ward, where I remained for ten days. It appeared I had severe septic arthritis of my knee and could have nearly lost it! I was on a permanent I. V. with three strong antibiotics the whole time, then home with a Care person coming in to dress my leg and give further I. V.’s for ten more days.

Dr. Rickards could not understand how I had kept going for so long, for my leg was obviously very bad. I explained to him my trust in RECOVERY® and he was most impressed, saying without it the leg would have given much pain and discomfort months before!

Two weeks after I came home with crutches, a walker and wheel chair I had to go back for a follow up with Dr. Rickards. All other patients in the waiting room, receiving surgery before me, were either on crutches or a walker. I had sent my collection back the previous day knowing I had to make my leg work! The doctor could not believe it was me as I walked unaided into his room, but of course recognized his own surgery. I had taken him some RECOVERY® folders and trust he is using it on his other patients now as he said he would. I go back next week for a further check up and will ask him.

I am still on Cephalexin 500 mg every six hours (for six weeks) and one Celebrex a day. Very lucky not to have lost my leg, but am sure RECOVERY® stayed the pain and arthritis for such a long time, and has aided my recovery. Warmly,

Joy Richardson, Langley, BC

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