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The Self Debrief: A Key to Continuing Excellence

Comox Half AwardsNo matter the distance of the event, I am always nervous before my races and it was no different for the Comox Valley Half Marathon. To help calm my nerves, I reflect on all the time and training I have invested in preparing for an event. I find this gives me the confidence that I can learn from each and every event as part of my ongoing commitment to performing at my best.

I go into every race with a plan and, in my own eyes, I believe I am usually good at executing that plan. Summarizing and breaking down what went into the Comox Valley Half Marathon will help me prepared for my next race. Continue reading

How to Handle Stress Better

Giving your body nutritional and supplement support it needs is only part of the solution to be better at handling stress. When you start feeling anxious and stressed out, ask yourself “Am I in imminent danger?” simply taking a moment to realize that the true answer is no, is often enough to turn off your “ fight or flight” response and allow your adrenals to relax. Much of the sugar cravings, exhaustion and irritability that are so common these days stem from adrenal exhaustion. To get well and feel less stressed long term; try these healthy habits to help you handle stress better. Continue reading

The Importance of Weight Training

All the motivation in the world won’t do you a bit of good if you don’t have a strong fitness plan to follow.  To that end, here are some simple and effective training strategies to follow at the gym to help you reach your goals.

It centres on weight lifting, which is an awesome “you against you” empowering sport activity that anyone can enjoy! Continue reading

Why Less Is Sometimes More

Sometimes the best way to start a fitness routine is to simply start.

Don’t let the well-known mantra of  “No pain, no gain” preached by some extreme gym goers or marathon runners scare you away from adopting a healthy, doable, practical 30 minute per day total body fitness routine. It is not necessary to go hard core at the gym for hours everyday to maintain a healthy body weight and body fat percentage, reduce back pain, keep your heart and lungs healthy, reduce inflammation, boost metabolism, lower stress and improve your overall mood.  Continue reading

Home is Where Heart Healthy Cooking is at

It can be difficult to eat right when you’re eating out, ordering in, or eating processed foods. The portions are usually too large and the foods contain too much salt, sugar, and hydrogenated fats. Cooking at home will give you full control over the nutritional content of your meals and can also help you to save money and lose weight, if needed.
Making a quick, heart healthy meal is easier and less time-consuming than you may think. Here are a few suggestions: Continue reading

Are You Denying the Damage of Your Excuses?

Do you have a list of “reasons” aka excuses that are sabotaging your intention to get fit and eat clean? The more you allow yourself to make an excuse and deviate from your intention the more persuasive your sabotaging self-talk will become!

Some Denying the Damage excuses sound like this:

  • I worked out hard today, I earned the extra calories.
  • A few bites won’t hurt me.
  • No one saw me eat it so it doesn’t count.
  • This is the last time I will eat this.
  • It’s just one missed workout.
  • It’s just one bite.
  • I’ll skip dinner later.
  • I will work out twice tomorrow.
  • Just this once I’ll make an exception.
  • I already messed up at lunch so just blow dinner too!
  • Start tomorrow …restart tomorrow…Monday I will really start.
  • There’s barely any left, I’ll just finish it.
  • It’s just one meal.
  • I’m building muscle; I don’t have to watch what I eat.
  • I’m usually really good, so this little treat won’t make a big difference.

How to Bust your Bluffs:

The only way to achieve optimal results is to be honest 100% of the time. All food and physical activity counts. When lies like the list above linger they will derail you from reaching your goals. The truth is you are always in control and responsible for what goes into your mouth and for the level of intensity and frequency you apply to each workout. Your fat cells don’t know the difference between your birthday, vacation buffets or a cheat day! They will always store bonus calories you choose to stuff in your mouth.

I’m not suggesting you will never have challenging days or that there won’t be times when other activities will take priority over a trip to the gym. There are times when legit circumstances will result in alternative choices having to be made.  However you are never so off track that the only option is to binge on junk food. You can always make the best choice of the choices available. If you tend to promise yourself that you’ll make it up tomorrow, take action today. If “Monday” is always your looming start day, ask yourself how much evidence you have to prove that to be true and add a momentum coaching session mid week to help make it through two successful weeks. Swearing you will start tomorrow will only increase your fears of going to the gym or spark the desire to binge on the very foods you are trying to restrict. Tip: self-imposed scarcity diets don’t work. Focus on what you CAN eat to get healthy, not on what you can’t have.

If you are going to get control over your health you have to TAKE Control over your thoughts and actions. One honest choice at a time!


Here are 10 Gift Ideas FIT for that special someone

It’s not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle around the holidays. For anyone who’s making a health-positive New Year’s resolution, the right gift can help him or her hit the ground running.

Weight Lifting Grips

Grizzly Fitness, straps will help the beginner to advanced lifter strength train easier and safer, with heavier weights.


The ultimate fitness watch, tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and your heart rate. Its GPS tracking allows you to review routes and links calls, texts and music from your phone. Other great features include Sleep monitor, wireless syncing and long lasting battery.


The TRX suspension training pack is a total-body, go-anywhere workout. Take strength training to the next level with the TRX exercise band, workout DVD, setup guide, and mesh carrying bag.

S’well Bottle

Glisten and glow with the Glitter Collection, featured in a sparkled, lacquered finish.

  • Keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours, hot for 12
  • 18/8 double-walled stainless steel, non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free
  • 9oz & 17oz fit in a standard sized cup-holder
  • 25oz holds an entire bottle of wine
  • Bottles do not condensate
  • Mouth is wide enough for ice cubes and drip-free sipping
  • Vacuum sealed

Nice Tupperware

Staying strong with your nutrition game is easier if you pack your own meals and snacks. Glass, silicon or stainless steal are your healthiest, built to last options.

Mason Jar Mug

If you already know that they think green smoothies tastes better in a Mason jar, buy a Mason jar mug and lids so they can tote it around on the go.

Meal Prep Service

Fuel Foods, Be Fresh Local Market, Batch Food and others make meeting food goals and calorie counts a whole lot easier.

Lululemon Leggings

There is no such thing as too many pairs of yoga pants. Even if they don’t do yoga!

Cooling and Heating Packs

Instant Hand Warmers are a nice treat for outdoor runners and other sports, while Instant Ice Packs help for recovery.

Get Someone Started

Sponsoring a year’s membership or some personal training sessions can really be helpful to get someone started or feeling more confident going to a gym.


Train Your Brain in 7 Days

Don’t let your mind bully your body.

You wouldn’t bully others, and yet the things you say to yourself are filled with harsh criticizing negativity.  Stopping the negative self-chatter is the first step in learning to appreciate who you really are.

Happiness is beautiful

A lot of people think if they just lose five pounds or gain 10 pounds of muscle then they will be happy. But that is backward thinking. Truth is, your attitude is everything. Practice thinking positively about yourself, and then you will naturally start making positive changes. Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right. So change your mind and you’ll change your body. You can achieve anything!

Work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.

If you view exercise as a punishment you won’t get lasting results because you’re willpower to push yourself through your workouts will fade and you won’t feel fulfillment from your efforts. Negativity doesn’t motivate. Focus on all the ways moving your body helps you love it more and reward yourself with healthy whole foods to boost your mood and feel fantastic form being fit!

Stop “Should”ing yourself.

I hear the word ‘should’ a lot when working with clients. As in, “I should lose weight” or “I should workout” or “I know I shouldn’t eat that”, then inhale the last cookie.  If your sentence starts with “I should”, just do it. And if it’s something you shouldn’t, then don’t. When you eliminate “I should,” you start thinking “I could,” with applied action become “I can”, and “I did it!”

Your body is made for progress no perfection.

The truth is your body is made to do, not just be. Stop thinking you have to look perfect on the outside in order to feel good on the inside.  Embrace all the things your body is right now and use it to express who you are! Always strive for progress, not perfection!

Your actions define your success not a number on the scale.

Living a healthy lifestyle is done one choice at a time. Using a scale to measure progress can help manage your program. However allowing a number on a scale or clothing size define your success or feel fear or guilt is not healthy. Make your actions outweigh your weight and you will be right where you are meant to be – healthy and free!

Use mind over matter to motivate.

It’s not always about getting thinner or leaner, it’s about getting your mind right. Mental fitness and physical fitness work together. When you embrace your body as is, and make your starting point right now, you will be more motivated to do the things necessary to actually get results. It’s called ‘active acceptance’ in positive psychology research. Just because you practice acceptance in the moment doesn’t mean you will give up and give in. In fact, self-compassion spurs you to action.