MICRONIZATION: Increasing the absorption and bioavailability of medicinal mushrooms

Micronization is one of four key differentiators of PURICA medicinal mushrooms, along with the use of the highest-quality mushrooms, full-spectrum mushrooms and therapeutic grade potency. Naturopathic doctor Patrick Callas reviews these merits in simple terms.

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2 thoughts on “MICRONIZATION: Increasing the absorption and bioavailability of medicinal mushrooms

  1. Paul says:

    Hi I use all of your mushroom products and I’m very concerned about the absorption is the absorption of microniazion as effective as dual extraction?

    • Team PURICA says:

      Thank you for your question. Here is a note right from the plant where our mushrooms are grown: since “extraction” refers to traditionally grown mushrooms, whereas at Aloha Medicinals we use a full laboratory biotech process in manufacturing Full Spectrum Mycoproducts. In traditionally grown mushrooms, there is a very low concentration of active ingredients, so it requires some further steps to concentrate the actives to a level where they are at meaningful concentrations in order to get any realistic medicinal use from them. In our process, there is no separate extractions necessary after the Full Spectrum material is grown, as the control is all in specially defined substrates for full bioconversion of substrate to fungal tissue and metabolites (the world’s only patented substrate composition), specialized genetically pure strains, modification of the culture parameters for maximum production of biologically active compounds and tight control of the growing conditions.

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